What! The condo corporation won’t cut my grass?

P.D. writes:

Dear Paul:

When my wife and I decided to downsize and purchase a condo in a bare-land development we were under the impression that it was standard for the condo corporation to handle grass cutting and snow clearing from our driveway. Now we find out that we are responsible for these chores just like when we lived in a house in the city. Were we gipped?

Paul replies:

Dear P.D.:

This is unfortunate. Whether or not you were gipped depends on a few factors. Every condo development is different. One condo corporation may include grass cutting in the monthly condo fees, another does not. As with most bare-land projects, the unit is the piece of land, and not part of the common elements. As a result, the unit owner is responsible for the maintenance of their property (the unit) including grass cutting. If this was an important feature for you, it should have made the list of questions to ask your realtor and your lawyer at the time of purchase. I suspect that it is now too late. This information would be contained in the governing documents.

I am sure that there are other owners in your area that do not wish to cut their grass, and found a reasonably priced service to do the job.  This is  another reason for purchasers to review all the paperwork and get answers to their important questions before signing.  Best wishes.

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