Surface or underground parking availability

GH writes:

Dear Paul: Do condos have accessible parking in their underground parking lots? I see accessible parking on the surface lots but wondered about underground. Any idea?

Paul replies:

GH: Whether or not a condo has underground parking is first of all dependent on the specific construction of the project itself. If the project does have underground parking, then you have to review the governing documents to determine how it is made available to unit owners. In most circumstances, one parking space is made available per unit and included with the purchase of your unit. You normally do not own the space; it is considered part of the common elements reserved for your exclusive use.

Some developments may have an additional fee for underground parking, or it may simply be included in your monthly condo fees. Certain condos may allow you to purchase the parking space and you may have a separate title covering the parking space only. If available, you might be able to pay a fee for a second parking spot. Each condo is different. Best wishes.

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