Speeding owners a safety concern

TC writes:

Dear Paul: I live in a Bareland community and we have approximately 2 kilometres of roadway. While we have maximum speed signs posted, some residents ignore the warnings and travel faster than hey should for the safety of all concerned. Owners have complained to the board on numerous occasions, but the board seems incapable of doing anything about it. We have suggested speed bumps, ticketing speedsters or imposing a fine. What can we do?

Paul replies:

TC: I understand your concern. Disregard for safety in the community can be troublesome. First of all, let’s make sure we have the same understanding. Your roadways are considered part of the common element and thus they are private property. The main reason I need to point this out is that local authorities (e.g. police or bylaw officers) most likely have no jurisdiction and will not interfere. The responsibility rests with the condo corporation. Having posted signs, enacted a bylaw or rule regarding speeding in the community, the board could impose fines. The challenge becomes proving who the offenders are. Unless your development has its own bylaw enforcement officer, this may be next to impossible to enforce. As far as installing speed bumps, the board may be reluctant due to the ongoing maintenance costs. If you live in a northern climate, speed bumps may hinder proper snow clearing and the possibility exists that each spring the bumps will need to be patched. Heavy rubberized speed bumps that are anchored into the pavement, will, over time, damage the roadway via water seepage at the anchor points. I am afraid that your continued efforts to impress upon the speedsters the need to slow down are probably the most cost-effective way to go. Good Luck!    

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