RV owner takes up parking space

K.B. writes:

Dear Paul: A unit owner has a large RV used for weekend camping trips. While they usually park it off the premises, as they should, every Friday and Monday morning it is in our parking area so they can load and unload. If this was happening only once or twice a year, I would not complain, but it’s been happening twice a week for several months. Our parking lot is not large and apart from taking up to four spaces, it narrows the path to exit the area. Several owners and I have complained to management and the board on numerous occasions and nothing is done about it. We are fed up. PS- The RV owners are very good friends with the Board President. What can we do?

Paul replies:

Dear K.B.: I am sorry that you face this situation on a weekly basis. I am reasonably sure that the offending owner does not have exclusive use of four parking spaces. Check the governing documents for anything it might say about parking. If nothing relates to your situation, I would suggest that you speak with the RV owner and let them know the frustrations that unit owners feel. Given your president’s friendship with the RV owner, I would not be surprised to learn that he never brought up the matter with his friend. Also, you may want to contact your local fire department to determine if this violates any fire code regulation such as keeping a fire lane clear. Poor access for emergency vehicles may be placing the property and occupants at risk. The Board has a duty to ensure those common elements are used for all owners’ benefit. It seems that your Board President (and the Board) is letting his friendship interfere with properly managing the condo property. Parking for most condos is at a premium and should not be abused. If the Bylaws allow, the Board could fine the RV owner after giving them proper warning or have the RV towed at the owner’s expense. Good luck.

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