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Condo Christmas trees (redux)

S.C. writes: Dear Paul: Our condo does not allow “real” (natural) Christmas trees in our suites. This is my home, my castle, my place. Why can I not have a real tree? Paul replies: S.C. I am sorry you are not allowed to have a real tree in your suite.

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From audits to towing cars

LS writes: The Board has changed the policy of an annual audited financial statement to every other year.  Can you do this? The Board has implemented a policy of owners placing parking tags onrearview mirrors. If violated cars will be towed at the owners’ expense. Can they do this? Paul replies:

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What does PM do?

In response to “Director Honorarium”, EM writes: One question, what does your Property Management Company do? If you do not have one maybe your Corporation should consider hiring one. I was under the impression that it was mandatory for a Condominium Corporation to have a Property Management Company. What your

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