Poop and scoop: 7 ways to handle a dog’s business

D.F. writes:

Dear Paul:

I am a responsible dog owner, and I am fed up with dog owners who do not pick up after their pet finishes its business. Let’s be clear; irresponsible owners are leaving dog poo souvenirs as trail markers wherever they go. Where has common courtesy gone? I’ve heard the argument that poop is biodegradable. Yes, it is biodegradable, but Dog poo can be hazardous to other dogs and humans even in its degraded form. I have seen poo in the hallway, the elevator, the stairwell, parking areas, and on our green lawns. It’s time to put a stop to this no-scoop mentality. What can we do?

Paul replies:

Dear D.F.:

I am saddened to hear that the joy that dogs bring to so many can irritate others when their poop is concerned. According to Statistics Canada, some 41% of people own a dog. By the sheer number of dogs in existence, we should not be surprised that abandoned dog poo is a common complaint in condo developments.  Not only is leaving poo piles unsightly but as you point out, it is also a health hazard. Since condos usually do not have by-law officers, poo infractions are complaint driven. Unless residents report the poo offenders to management with proof (photo maybe), there is not much that management or the board can do. However, some actions could be implemented to reduce the occurrences or act as deterrents.

Poop reduction actions:

  • Place constant reminders on BB and in communications with owners.
  • Hang a few signs in strategic locations reminding dog owners to pick up after their pooch.
  • Provide small plastic poo bags and a convenient place to dispose of them. Consider providing disposable clear plastic gloves used by food handlers.
  • Keep track of the number of poo sightings, and complaints received. Post the results in a prominent place for all to see. Ask people to help bring the number down.
  • Check your governing documents and determine if a fine can be imposed when an offending owner is identified.
  • For a fee, there are professional services that will pick-up poo left behind, on a daily or weekly basis. Two such companies are  www.scoopydoo.ca and www.poocrew.ca.
  • Finally, a company called Pooprints (www.pooprints.com) will register a pet’s DNA sample. Each condo owner must submit a DNA sample of their dog. When discovering abandoned poo, management or a designate collect a sample and send it for analysis. When identified, the owner is charged with the lab fees, and if your documents allow, a fine is added.

Paul’s Condo Corner does not endorse these services and provides their websites for informational purposes only. That’s my scoop on poop.

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