Politician wants to meet with condo owners as a group

PP writes:

Dear Paul: Now that campaigning is in full swing for provincial (Manitoba) elections and soon at the federal level, we have received a request from one candidate to have the opportunity to meet with condo residents. I do not feel comfortable with this. Can you help out?

Paul writes:

Dear PP: Politicians want to take advantage of every opportunity to convince their constituents to vote for them. I understand why you might feel uneasy in having one candidate address the owners. Granting permission to only one candidate would certainly be perceived has favoring that individual and their party. If you give the opportunity to one, the same courtesy should be extended to all candidates that could eventually represent your area. To avoid any perceived endorsement and remain politically neutral you should consider sending an invitation to all candidates, and stress that you would like all of them to be present. There will not be a second meet and greet for candidates who cannot make it on the date offered. Make sure that all unit owners know the details of the event and do share the invitation that is sent out. Full transparency will avoid any hint of impropriety.

Keep in mind that canvassing (door-to-door) in your building cannot be denied. Check out my blog (on this site) for May 1, 2019  “Signs and door-to-door canvassing at election time.”

For additional information, readers should consult either Elections Canada https://www.elections.ca/home.aspx or Elections Manitoba  https://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/ for more specific directions.

Make sure you vote. Even one vote can make a difference.

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