Owner wants input into AGM Agenda

J.S. writes:

Dear Paul:

Our AGM is coming up. How can unit owners get input into the agenda? Our practice has been for the board to set the agenda and send out a package of information. As you know, unless an item is included on the AGM agenda, it cannot be discussed “officially” at the meeting because unit owners would not have received notice.

Paul replies:

Dear J.S.:

Excellent question, and timely! You could ask the board to include items on the AGM agenda. The request should be in writing. Keep in mind that the board does not have to include it on the AGM agenda unless it receives a written request from 25% of the ownership. I would like to recommend that your board adopt a practice that has been included in the Ontario Condominium Act revisions passed in December 2015.

Under the Ontario legislation, it is now mandatory that condominium corporations provide  Preliminary Notice of Meeting of Owners – Advance information for owners about a proposed meeting of owners. It is sent out approximately one month before the AGM Meeting notice.

Since it is not a requirement in Manitoba, you should feel free to use the idea and modify it for your own purpose. Best wishes!

This link leads to a sample Preliminary Notice of Meeting of Owners.

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