Owner wants discount on common element fees

M.M. writes:

Dear Paul:

Our condo has a party room, an exercise room, a parking lot, and a monthly get together with coffee, tea and donuts. These items are paid for by the corporation and form part of my monthly common element fees. I do not use or ever go to the party room. I do not exercise, and I do not own a car. I am not a social person and do not attend the get togethers. How I can I get a discount on my condo fees?

Paul replies:

Dear M.M.:

I am sorry you feel this way. You live in a condominium development, a community that shares in the costs of common elements. While you may choose not to use or attend events in the party room, do not exercise, or do not own a vehicle, these amenities are available to you and form part of the package you bought into at the onset. As with many other things in society, the price we pay for the privilege of living in a particular area or belong to a community club, there are elements that we do not use, yet we pay for them. Since you are an owner, you are responsible for your share of the costs as described in the governing documents. Good luck!

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