O Christmas Tree, will you be real or artificial?

S.C. writes:

Dear PAul: Our condo does not allow “real” (natural) Christmas trees in our suites. This is my home, my castle, my place. Why can I not have a real tree?

Paul replies:

S.C. I am sorry you are not allowed to have a real tree in your suite. This is certainly a time-honoured tradition for many people. If you ask your board or property manager why the trees are not allowed, I suspect they will answer that it is for safety reasons. Every year we hear of people who left the lights on, while they were out for the day, or worse in bed when it caught fire. A dry tree and faulty wiring usually the culprits. Condo boards are tasked to provide a safe environment for all residents. This a case of “better safe than sorry”. Also, from a practical standpoint, when a tree loses its needles, it creates quite a mess and will create additional cleaning in the halls and entrances. Then, if your municipality does not provide the service, there might additional charges for disposal of the trees after the holiday season. Check your governing documents and with your property manager before purchasing a tree. With the variety of artificial trees available these days, there is one to meet every need.

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