No more bingo, poker nights, or Halloween parties

F.G. writes:

Dear Paul: When we were looking for a condo, we were lured by our current place because of the social program offered to its unit owners. The real estate agent was quick to point out the various activities in this community. It included bingo and poker nights, dart tournaments and celebrations for Halloween, Christmas, St Patrick’s Day and more. Now, two years after we moved in, some of the activities have disappeared. Isn’t the condo corporation responsible to keep these events going?

Paul replies:

Dear F.G.: I am sorry to hear that this has happened. I am sure that not having some of these activities makes your condo experience a bit less enjoyable. The first step in finding out the reason for this is to check your governing documents. Did they mention that these events were included with your purchase? I suspect that these activities are organized by unit owner volunteers. As time moves on, these generous souls get tired and since there is no one to replace them, the activities they organized go with them. Unless the condo community was specifically established to include these programs, the corporation has no responsibility for their survival. Unless your group decides to hire an activity director and make it an integral part of your monthly fees, it will have to rely on volunteers.

It’s important to thoroughly check what is included when you buy a condo. Try to speak to some of the current owners. They will be able to tell you the difference between the sales pitch and what happens in reality. Good luck.

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