My car, your car, whose car is it?

AB writes:

Dear Paul: Our condo corporation is now requesting that we register the make, model, colour, year and license plate number of our vehicles. Is this not going a bit too far?

Paul replies:

Dear AB: I do not believe that it is going too far. The parking space that has been allocated to you is part of the common elements for which the condo corporation is responsible. There are vehicles that legitimately belong there and some that do not. The property manager or your board does not know which is which.

If you complain that another vehicle has parked in your spot, and you ask them to take action they will be at a distinct disadvantage without the information about your vehicle. If your vehicle is vandalized, the information will be needed to contact you if you have not yet noticed. If your vehicle needs to be removed for snow clearing or other lot maintenance activities, it will be much better to get contacted by management than a towing company. I believe that giving this information is to everyone’s advantage. Regards!

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