How much notice do unit owners get for special assessments?

C.F. writes: Dear Paul: How much notice must a condo board give to members before they ask for a special assessment for let’s say an elevator that needs to be replaced? Paul replies: Dear C.F.: While there are notice periods required for making changes to governing documents like the Declaration, Bylaws or Rules, I am not aware of any notice requirements to ask for special assessments. I would hope that the Board would be understanding, but if work has to be done and bills have to be paid the amount may have to be paid immediately. A great deal may depend on the size of the special assessment. A small amount may be in one installment while a larger amount will be paid over a period of time dictated by the corporation’s loan repayment arrangements. I would suggest that unit owners be given notice that a special assessment will be added to their next month’s common element fees.

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