Halloween trick or treaters restricted by the board

GG writes: Halloween is just around the corner. I have 5 grandkids and they always come to grandma’s place for Halloween treats. Since we live in an 80 unit condo, it is a safe and warm place for children to come trick or treating. In previous years kids that were related to the owners (mostly grandchildren and their friends)  were allowed to haunt the hallways between 6 and 8 PM. This year, the board has enacted a policy that children will NOT be allowed to roam the corridors. Unit owners are asked to drop off their treats in the common room and some people have volunteered to make up goodie bags for distribution in the lobby area. Can the board do this?

Paul replies:

GG: The simple answer to this timely question is yes. Halloween can be an exciting time for children but allowing free access to the condos hallways could potentially be a security risk for all residents. I am sure that children will be accompanied by adults other than owners living in the building. Some of these adults may be individuals using children as an excuse to enter in order to survey the place for future capers or even break-in on that night itself. Vandalism is, unfortunately, still alive and well and Halloween presents an ideal opportunity to would be mayhem. In addition, if you have several people coming through the doors at the same time, it will be easy for anyone to enter by following (tailgating) someone else entering legitimately. The practice of restricting trick or treating to the lobby area is quite popular and safer for all concerned. Enjoy the event, however you celebrate!  

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