Former owner still paying condo fees

S.B. writes:

Dear Paul:

I am a former condo owner. I informed the property manager, in writing, that I had sold my unit, the new owner’s date of possession, and my moving out date. It has been two months and the condo corporation is still deducting pre-authorized monthly condo fees from my account. What can Ido?

Paul replies:

Dear S.B.:

While this is not a pleasant experience, it does happen. It may be caused by a misunderstanding between the property manager and its accounting department, the accounting department not notifying the bank on a timely basis, the bank not following through on the notice. There can be many reasons. You were wise to notify the corporation in writing. If you have not done so already, it is time to remind the property manager of the oversight. Armed with your original notification and your bank records I am sure you can resolve this matter and receive a refund for the months you did not occupy the unit. As the departing owner, you also have the opportunity to notify your bank of your move and cancel the pre-authorization agreement; this is something that owners can forget during the stress of moving. Good luck.

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