Former director being nasty and demanding

SG writes:

Dear Paul: A former condo board member is constantly emailing the new board president complaining about changes the new board have made. It is in a harassing nature, demanding and nasty.

We have a management company which we feel he should contact. He should know better to go this route! Right?

Paul replies:

SG: Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, some former board members believe that they know better than the new members and must attempt to demonstrate this by flexing their knowledge and experience in destructive ways. I am making the big assumption here that the new board is being transparent and following all the correct procedures for making changes. If the former member is “constantly emailing” as you state, could it be because they are not getting a satisfactory answer to their original questions? It should be made clear that respectful conduct is expected from everyone at all times and failure to act in a courteous manner is not acceptable.

I agree with you that the proper channel is to go through the property management (PM) company first. This process may be new if previous boards had the habit of handling matters on their own. The board has to follow this process as much as possible. Otherwise, complainants will always go directly to the board.

If the PM cannot answer the question, then it is referred to the board. Following the board’s consideration, the PM responds to the complainant. If this behaviour persists, you may want to get a third party not affiliated with your condo to mediate the situation and help you resolve the issue. Best wishes.

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