Flood plagues underground parking – owners lose

M.T. writes:

Dear Paul: We have an underground garage that flooded during a severe rainstorm. As a result, my car, and others suffered some serious water damage. in addition, because our storage lockers are situated in the same flooded area, we all had damage to personal effects, some of which are irreplaceable. Is the condo corporation, or its insurance carrier responsible to compensate us for our losses?

Paul replies:

Dear H. O.: I am sorry to hear of this terrible experience. It must be devastating to have to deal with a large loss of this nature. The corporation’s insurance would cover damage to the common elements but not anyone’s personal belongings. Since the underground parking area is a common element, your car or items in your storage locker would not be covered. These losses would normally be covered by your own auto/home insurance. I believe that the condo corporation would only be held liable if it knew of a defect with the garage for some time and failed to carry out repairs on a timely basis. Situations such as this underscore the importance of having an auto/ home insurance policy, know what the policy covers, ensure that coverage keeps up with replacement costs and that premiums are up to date. All the best!

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