Election campaigning for the board of directors

J.K. writes:

Dear Paul: Can a condo owner campaign for a Board of Directors position with posters and a town hall type meeting of residents in order to get elected?

Paul replies:

J.K.: Thank you for an interesting question. If your governing documents do not prohibit such actions, I do not know why they could not engage in electioneering. The current board may want to establish certain rules regarding what is acceptable and what is not. Will door to door canvassing in person be allowed? When can candidates begin making their intentions known publicly through posted material? Any type of posters should be limited to certain common areas such as the building entrance, the elevator, the parking garage entrance, and the common room.  Only one poster per candidate per location. The poster size should be determined in advance. Are flyers distributed under each door going to be allowed? Are flyers under car windshield wipers permitted? As for holding town hall type meetings, the board should consider holding one meeting to which all candidates are invited. The board may reserve the right to remove any material it deems inappropriate. These are a few considerations. Naturally, the board is free to make rules for the event. The overriding principle would be to ensure that all candidates have the same opportunities and owners’ rights to privacy be respected. Good Luck!

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