Do we need condo rules? A commentary

In the past week, a young woman in a Toronto High-rise was released on bail of $2,000 for tossing a chair and other objects from the 45th-floor balcony where she was attending a party. The incident was caught on video and authorities were able to identify her. This was a callous and irresponsible act.

I would think that even if the condo does not have a specific rule against tossing items off a balcony, common sense would prevail. I guess it doesn’t, and as a result, high-rise condos will be concerned more than they were previously. Not only was she destroying property, but she was also risking injury or even death to anyone who happened to pass by at that time. She could have seriously damaged vehicles parked below or caused an accident on the expressway nearby. 

The individual is not a resident of the building, the unit she was visiting is part of the Airbnb network. The network should not be blamed for the partier’s actions, but it might not have occurred if she had a vested interest in the building.

The examples of disregard for rules and common sense abound. Ranging from theft from the modest coffee fund in the common room, driving at excessive speeds in the parking lot, to not cleaning up after a dog does its business in the common element areas. Condo bylaws and rules are meant first as a reminder of expected behaviour in the community in which unit owners have invested. Second, it acts as a deterrent. If condo boards enforce the rules, the place will be a much more enjoyable space in which to live. In the ideal world, we would not need rules, however, we have not yet reached this goal. Otherwise, people will be left to their own devices and chaos will soon follow. Do we need condo rules? I believe we do!   

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