COVID-19 – Owners not staying at home! What do a board and PM do?

Paul’s comment:

Indeed, this could be a serious issue. Most condos have returning snowbirds and individuals who do not wish to follow public health and government directives regarding the 14-day mandatory or self-isolation (stay at home).

First, the Board should ensure that proper communication takes place. Reminders about self-isolation and handwashing should be posted in all strategic locations. Flyers in the mailbox or under doors is another means of communicating the message.

Second, when the Board/PM receives a complaint about an owner wandering the building, sneezing in the hallways, visiting between units or having shut down parties, it is important for the Board to acknowledge receipt of the complaint and immediately communicate with the residents who may be in violation. Keep in mind that some outings may be legitimate. It is not a time to rely solely on second-hand information. It is time to be sensitive and listen to both sides.

Third, any communication with owners should first be verbal and then confirmed in writing.

Fourth, if there are still complaints about non-compliant residents, a second written reminder is in order.

Lastly, once you have the details of the non-compliance events, you may decide to call public health officials in your area and/or the police department, in the same manner, you would call the police to lodge a serious noise violation. Be aware that both public health and the police are overwhelmed with calls, and understaffed. Should you be fortunate enough to reach someone, they may or may not be able to respond due to other priorities. Call, and email, your municipal and provincial authorities stating that this is an important matter and that they must act to stop the virus from spreading. If emergency regulations have been put in place asking people to practice self-isolation as much as possible, fines and possible jail time for offenders is meaningless if not enforced.  

This is a difficult time for everyone. Like Smokey the Bear says:” Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires”, and Paul says “Only YOU can Prevent the Spread.”

Be Well! Be Safe!

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  1. Louisa Ryz

    In Manitoba could not following mandatory self-isolation be considered a “dangerous activity” under Article 288 MB Condo Act.
    288 No person shall permit a condition to exist -or carry out an activity in a unit or with respect to the common elements if the condition or activity is likely to damage real or personal property of any kind or cause injury to an individual.

  2. Jim stuparyk

    In Quebec the police have the authority to fine or arrest offenders who act in defiance of this comment danger covid 19. Authorities in Manitoba are aiding and abetting the spread of the virus by not addressing this issue. PM Trudeau has given a federal directive in this regard. Why is it not followed?
    Regards and thanks Paul for your work.

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