Condos and “For Sale” signs

LM writes: Can the board prevent me from placing a for sale sign in my window, balcony or in front of the property when I am selling my condo?

Paul replies:

The short answer is yes. As you know, the elected board of directors has the responsibility of managing all aspects of the condominium development in accordance with the law and your governing documents. While the board cannot prohibit you from advertising, it can establish rules governing the type of advertising that may be allowed on the common elements, up to banning it entirely. The board may have various reasons for placing limits on advertising such as safety if the signs would obstruct traffic sightlines to enter or exit the property. Signs may be disallowed for aesthetic reasons. Your condo may look unattractive to prospective buyers if signs of every shape and colour are allowed on the common elements. Another reason might include the impact for sale signs could have on the resale value of units as a whole. Several for sale signs could send the message that something is wrong with the property and scare prospective buyers away.

Condo boards who do allow “for sale” signs can and should enact a rule as to location, size, and type of signs allowed. Cheap flimsy cardboard signs that deteriorate in the wind and the rain may not portray a good image for the property.

Keep in mind that there could be municipal bylaws regarding signage in your area. These usually cover location, size, and type that must be followed under penalty of having the sign removed at your expense. Electoral signage cannot be banned during an election campaign, but the rules as to their placement on common elements may still apply. If you are selling your condo, make sure to inform your realtor of any rules regarding for sale signs.

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