Condo wants to re-open common areas

As the public health orders regarding COVID-19 are easing in Manitoba, some condos that closed their common rooms, pools and exercise facilities are considering re-opening them. In doing so, residents will be pleased to be able to gather again and socialize. However, let us not let our guard down. While the risk in Manitoba is low, that is not the case for other provinces, other countries and especially the United States. When re-opening their common areas, condo boards should continue to encourage residents to act responsibly. Wearing facial coverings is not mandatory here, but a good practice nevertheless when out in public. Frequent handwashing, social distancing and sanitizing touch surfaces should continue as appropriate for your facility. Protocols for cleaning before and after use of exercise equipment, surfaces, doorknobs, public restrooms should be considered as part of the corporation’s duty of care. Until the orders are lifted, limitations still exist on the maximum number of people that can gather indoors.

Summertime is usually when people go to the beach, use the pool, visit friends and relatives elsewhere in Canada, the United States and further. Everyone should be cautious about welcoming aunt Sally from Texas or Cousin Louis from Saskatchewan. At this time in our history, travel may hold extraordinary risks that did not exist even six months ago. One person who shows no signs of harboring the virus may be the unwittingly spreader to unknowing kin.

The last thing that you want to see happen in your condo community is for an outbreak to occur. One condo high-rise in Calgary saw 50 people among its 225 units test positive for the virus. Since the virus does not discriminate, and if your demographics include vulnerable residents, the virus could take greater hold of this population.   

We all want restrictions to go away, but not at anyone’s expense. Stay well, Be Safe!

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