Can you run a business out of your condo unit?

K.K. writes:

Dear Paul:

Can you run a business out of your condo unit?  In today’s world, there are a huge number of residents who run a business out of their own home. 

Paul replies:

Dear K.K.:

You are correct that many people run businesses out of their homes, often referred to as the “gig economy.” If you check my post of January 13, “Having a bad hair day? Visit suite 304” I believe you will find your answer. As with many situations, it will depend on many factors including municipal zoning for your building, your governing documents, and security and safety concerns. Your governing documents may not answer your question directly, but indirectly restrict the use of a unit to that of a single-family residence. In such a case, I do not believe that any form of business that would generate traffic would be allowed. Best wishes.

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