Can the owner operate an online business from her unit?

LF writes:

Hi Paul!  Are we allowed to operate and register our own home-based business?   This type of business is done online, not having to meet any clients, so there will no visitors in the building.

Paul replies:

Dear LF: Thanks for your question. I do not believe there is any reason for you not to conduct an online business from your suite. I will urge you to check your governing documents to determine if they address the matter. Quite often, a declaration or bylaws may contain a provision that prohibits running a business that would create foot traffic. A freelance writer, for instance, would not create a problem while a hairstylist working from their unit might be a concern. Another type of business that could cause concern might be a business that sells products online resulting in numerous couriers accessing your building several times a day/week on an ongoing basis.  Strangers accessing your building could cause security and safety concerns.

As you know I am not a lawyer, however, I would suspect that your municipality has bylaws about running a business in a building that is zoned for residential purposes. You would need to contact your local authorities to find out if operating out of your home might affect registration. All the best!

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  1. Jim stuparyk

    An excellent and timely question and related to the air bnb issue and very short term rentals by unit owners.
    Rather than change bylaws etc that gives exposure to costly legal fees, often there is a clause in the basic declaration that will give a sound basis for resolution with a careful reading.
    It is non trivial to formulate a rule for everything and expect a board or manager to enforce it.

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