Can the board ban studded tires ?

GY writes:

Dear Paul: Summer is almost over and soon I will be changing the tires on my car for winter tires. I have heard that the board of directors forced a unit owner to remove her studded tires because it would damage the parking lot pavement and the concrete floor of our underground parking garage. Can the board go this far?

Paul replies:

Dear GY: I am afraid the board can go this far. Remember the board was elected to look after the best interests of the corporation. There is evidence that studded tires can damage concrete and asphalt surfaces. As a preventative measure, the board can create a policy to ban studded tires from the property to reduce wear and tear of the areas mentioned. This will help extend the life of these surfaces and save the corporation from having to effect repairs sooner than expected. It would be wise for the board to ensure that all owners know of such a ban early before they beginning switching tires. Safe driving.

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