Board repairs the roof, poorly!

SD Writes:

Dear Paul: Instead for getting advice from a professional roofer, our board decided to attempt the repairs on their own. Needless to say, their work was not up to standard and the roof ended up leaking worse than before. Can the board members be held personally liable for essentially damaging our roof and costing the condo corporation additional dollars?

Paul replies:

Dear SD: What a great question. It is not unusual for boards of small to medium-size condos to attempt repairs on their own to save the corporation money. If their efforts are successful, everything will be fine. However, if they are doing something beyond their capabilities, they will be blamed. A board of directors should be ensuring that repairs get done and get done properly. They should be overseers, not doers. By adhering to this concept, they would have hired a third-party fully qualified for the job. I am not a lawyer, but unless the individuals who did the work were negligent, I do not believe that they could be held liable for the damages. I have no doubt that they acted in the best interest of the community and were not intending to do any harm. I would think that the corporation has learned its lesson and next time it will hire a professional. Best wishes!  

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  1. claire

    Hi Paul,

    Our condo board only wants contribute a dollar to the reserve fund. I’m part on the board as well and tried to explain that this is not sufficient because at some point we will incur large expenses and we will have to contribute to make the repairs. Is there a minimum amount that the reserve fund is required to have?
    Thank you!

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