Board considers owner suggestion too expensive

J. writes:

Hello Paul: I recently became board certified in Florida Broward County,  while not on the board but as a unit owner I had come across a beautiful blue light to use on our spring in the middle of the condo lake …. I forward it to the board for consideration and they stated it was too expensive???? t $150.00 unheard of yet they spend money on other things similar situated.  Can you tell me how to raise hell articulately and have it officially on the table with the board for consideration…Thank you.

Paul replies

J: Interesting question. You state that you have already forwarded the information to the Board for consideration and they stated that it was too expensive. I will assume that you submitted your request to the board in writing including the costs and installation details. I am not familiar with Florida legislation and I am not an attorney however, If you have not already done so, I would suggest that you review your governing documents to determine how you can present a suggestion to the Board and have them consider it more seriously than a passing evaluation. What benefit would the condo development get out of installing this blue light? Would it make the site more attractive and potentially attract new residents/buyers? Do other owners think that the blue light would be a bit more than purely a cosmetic improvement? The board is elected to represent the owners. If enough owners want the blue light, the board might have to spend the big bucks. In the alternative, since the cost is not great and owners would end up paying for it in any event, why not say to the Board that five owners (or more) are willing to purchase the light and donate it to the condo? This way, you will have solved the Board’s issue of it being too expensive. Good Luck!

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