BIG Announcement!


  • Have you been reluctant to become a board member of your condo community because you don’t know much about condos?
  • Have you wondered where or how you could learn more about condos?
  • You don’t have time to spend hours and hours learning, as if you were back in school?

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Paul’s Condo Course. The course is designed to address the needs of condominium owners, directors, and purchasers by providing basic education about condo living and governance. The course is presented in short 3-10-minute bites for people with busy lifestyles. Participants learn at their own pace, can go back and revisit previous topics, and check their understanding with simple questions. The first few courses cover some of the essentials in building your knowledge about condos. In the months ahead, I will continue adding courses based your needs and requests. To keep track of the topics you have covered, you will be required to register to participate in the learning experience. Hey, it can’t hurt! 

Try it out! Let me know what you think! Paul T

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