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D.D. writes: Dear Paul: The neighbour next door has a small dog that spends all day barking when its owners are away. The pet is locked up in their suite and we can hear it running around the place. The people leave for work around six thirty in the morning and don’t get back until five in the afternoon. We have spoken with the owners twice, but the problem continues. What else can we do? Dear D.D. I feel for annoyance. It appears that the owners do not have much time for their pet. The barking doesn’t bother them because they are away all day when the dog does most of the barking. Since speaking to the owner had no effect, the next step is to bring it to the property manager’s attention. The property manager can speak with the owners, send them a letter officially notifying them that their barking dog is affecting other owners, interfering unreasonably with the enjoyment of their unit. If your Declaration or Bylaws allow, a fine could be imposed. The dog owners may have their pet seen by a veterinarian to determine if it is suffering from anxiety issues and may need medication. Failing any of the above, if the problem persists and several other unit owners have complained also, after consulting with legal counsel, the Board could ask the dog owners to remove the dog from the premises. In serious cases, courts have supported such a request for the good of the community. I wish you peace.

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  1. Anonymous

    I agree that a barking dog can be annoying and the poor dog can’t be happy either. I’m wondering if anyone in the condo building would be willing to dog sit? That might make everyone happy!

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