Bad hair day? Visit suite 304

G.G. writes:

Dear Paul:

I have recently seen many strangers in our building. I decided to follow a few of them one day and discovered that they were going to the same unit on the third floor. This appeared to be much more than someone visiting for afternoon tea. The visits occur morning, noon, and into the early evening on a daily basis. After making a few inquiries, I found out that the unit owner is a hairdresser and runs her business out of her unit. Isn’t this illegal?

Paul replies:

Dear G.G.:

As you know I am not a lawyer, however, I would suspect that your municipality has bylaws about running a business in a building that is zoned for residential purposes. Secondly, your governing documents probably have a bylaw that states that a unit is to be used for single-family residential purposes only and prohibits any business activity that would create traffic. A freelance writer for instance would not generate traffic.

Strangers accessing your building could cause security and safety concerns. Who will be held responsible if a customer were to fall in your lobby on her way to her hair appointment? I can foresee possible litigation against the condo corporation, and the unit owner running a business out of her suite when she should not be doing it in the first place. If the board did not enforce the condo corporation’s bylaw against running a business in the building, your liability insurance may not cover a  claim. You should ensure that the board is aware of this venture and take the necessary steps to ensure that the blow dryers are turned off.  

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  1. L.R.

    We had a similar incident here in our building with an owner doing income tax returns for people in the building and many others who did not live here. We are an older population and so many MANY people would come into our building. So much so that the owner requested an arrow on their floor to indicate where his/her suite was located to facilitate finding their suite. Now this is a seasonal endeavour so the very high traffic volume would be January – end of April.
    Your response here is EXCELLENT. Thank you.

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