Bad experience with an unhelpful Property Manager

The following was posted on Facebook this past weekend. Since I am not able to verify the accuracy of the post, I have omitted any reference to the parties involved. Let us just learn from this unfortunate incident and hope that not all property managers treat their clients in this manner. Paul T


I am normally against using social media to blast people or businesses. But due to exhausting available options, with no resolve. I felt this was necessary. 

I came home Saturday evening, and did my normal routine shower, change, and make dinner.  Everything is as normal. I went to use the washroom quick before I leave.  And from the time I showered till about 20-30 minutes later. I notice a large mess all over the bathroom. 

Instantly I could tell what it was. I called the residential caretaker. And without hesitation he came over and we ran upstairs to check on the tenant above me.  We called 911 on the way upstairs. With no response the door was opened, and the chain had to be sawed through. 

Out of respect of the deceased (the tenant), I will forgo any details. But it was clear he had a medical emergency in the bathroom and must have hit his head in the process. Which caused the massive bleeding. And based on observations and opinion of the paramedics. He had been deceased several days.

We waited for the first responders to coordinate everything. And after the firefighters/paramedics stayed the mandatory 30 minutes. The caretaker was instructed to secure the suite and wait for the police.

I waited with the caretaker for the police to arrive. He was very understandably shaken up by the situation.

Everything up to this point is not part of my issue.  I am personally upset we didn’t find this man sooner, when we may have been able to help him. My heart goes out to the man and his family.

My issue is from how the Property Management Company responded. 

We were able to contact the caretaker’s supervisor.  The caretaker explained the situation, and he received no assistance in both dealing with the situation and what I should do in regard to my suite. So, I asked for his supervisor’s contact. 

When I called the supervisor who already knew the situation.  I was received very poorly.  I explained the situation, knowing he already knew the details.  I explained how my bathroom was covered in blood and that I had no access to my facilities. And that my suite was overwhelmed by the smell of the deceased and all of the blood in my suite.  I explained I couldn’t leave the windows open as it was currently -25 degrees. And that I couldn’t keep the windows closed as the smell was too much and triggered prior issues.  And that I also had two support animals I couldn’t just leave alone in my suite.  He kept talking in circles, refused to give me anyone else to contact, and kept telling me “just contact your insurance it is not my problem”. Or wait till Tuesday. I asked him to please stop being so condescending and listen. But the supervisor just mocked me several times.

I explained to him that not only is it not feasible to live in that suite for 3 more days, without access to a washroom and just how unsanitary it was.  I said it’s traumatic and is bringing back issues I had from being on scene when we lost a soldier in a very tragic accident 6 months ago.

His response was this. “You are a veteran; you should be used to this kind of stuff”.  I asked him if he was serious.  He said “call your vets up, they can find you a place to stay. This isn’t my problem”

At that point I told him to F*ck off and I hung up. 

The caretaker and I both agreed he sounded very intoxicated.

So, here’s my current situation.  I have had zero feedback or assistance from the Property Management Company. I have called several numbers with no resolve.  The supervisor told me it’s not his problem. Deal with it on my own.

It’s 12 hours later. There is still a body dripping blood into my suite as the police are still yet to take care of things.  I have no bathroom access. My place smells awful and the Property Management Company won’t assist in any way

Again, I am against airing personal issues.  But I am hoping for two things.  That the Property Management Company sees this before Tuesday so they can help me out. And so, others can see how they treat their tenants.


This is a unique situation. However, it illustrates how important it is to have a good, respectful, attentive and responsive Property Management Company. I wish this gentleman all the best!   

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