Are there special fire safety rules for condos?

A.A. writes:

Dear Paul:

What are the condo rules currently in place regarding working fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire place inspection?

Paul replies:

Dear A.A.:

This is a very timely question in light of a death that occurred in a townhome condominium complex in the past week in Winnipeg, MB. Having reviewed the Condominium Act, it is silent on the subject. This is not surprising. The condominium Act regulates how condo developments are created, governed, and operated. It is not concerned with building codes or fire safety regulations. This forum is not equipped to provide you with detailed information on current fire safety regulations. However, the following is a link to the Manitoba Fire Commissioner’s website where you will find all you need to know.

Of particular interest, I encourage you to examine the Fire Safety Checklist – Dwellings and Buildings at the following link. I understand that this is the checklist that a fire inspector would use when doing an inspection of your site.

Keep in mind that some responsibilities will be the condo corporations, and other items will be the unit owner’s. Your governing documents might provide some direction concerning the division of responsibilities. I hope this helps.

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  1. Jim stuparyk

    Hi Paul
    Sec 20 of HR code implies no one can recover anything (say legal fees) without causing detriment to the complainant.
    I assume not even lawyers
    So we have a catch 22 and an virtually untouchable complainsnt and a legally victimized respondent.
    Discrimination category( ??)
    Who’s minding the store?

  2. Jim stuparyk

    Claiming legal costs not!
    Hi Paul
    It seems there is no way for a respondent to sucessfully claim costs in a Human rights regardless if case is dismissed. Any such claim is considered A retaliation and detrimental to the claimamt.
    Hence an offence against the code that succeeded all other codes and possiblly subject to a fine for contravention of the code (5000-25000).
    The code creates a obvious discriminating situation putting the respondent in double jeapordy- claim itself and unrecoverable costs.
    Is this not an example of unfair application of govt statutes that should be investigated by the Manitoba ombudsmen?

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